Monday, 10 February 2014

Equity Day

The school will particapating in EQUITY DAY. It is tomorrow the 11th of Febraury. that is when our school gets split up into groups. which are some colours of the rainbow. After that each group will go to differnt stations of the arts. there will be dancing, music, drama, and art. it will be an amazing day and i hope your child/children have a good time.

The bloggers

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

swim to survive

Remember to send your child/children with swimming clothes and a towel on Feb. 7,14 and 21 because they will be going swimming at the leisure center for swim to survive. Swim to survive is swimming classes.


Parents/ Guardians

This year we will be having a Dance-A-Thon on February the 14th. most of you may know we also go swimming on that very day. This is how our day will go first we go swimming then, we come back, we possibly will continue our regular routine after that we will be at the Dance-A-Thon. our grade 4 students may attend the slow dance at the big kid dance. our grade 3 students will be attending the little kid dance. show up in something groovy but not to groovy. we hope you will be there.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Eric Carle art

The kids in our class are working on some Eric Carle art! We have made different coloured textures on paper and soon we are going to rip the paper up and make it into creatures.

vista orders

Vista orders have been sent out hope you are buying some. The forms need to be back by the 3rd of this month ( tommorow). So hurry up we don't have alot of time. There are many differnt brands to get cards from. This fundraiser supports our school. So keep up the good luck.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Hat Day

Hey, did you know that Tuesday the 26th is hat day. So make sure to wear a cool hat. The categories are long hats, short hats, crazy hats and many more. Be prepared were a hat. we will see you there.

Barn Dance

Thanks to all the parents/guardians who came to the Barn Dance. Also thanks to Mrs.Morris for teaching us how to do the dances.